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Friday, March 6th, 2015      

3d Adult Comics
3D Adult Comics - Info:

Welcome Adult Comics fan to 3D Adult Comics! This site contains primarily links to the world-famous 3d XXX comics galleries of the one and only Crazy XXX 3D World featuring the wacky, funny and sexy 3d adult comics stories from their stable of supremely talented artists and writers. It will also contain, in time, galleries, updates and other interesting tidbits from other adult comics sites that I feel will appeal to true fans of high-quality 3d erotic artworks and stories.

So kick back and tickle your funny bone reading these 3D adult comics, while, ahem, raising your other bone at the same time!

New bondage hentai blog at Bondage Hentai Art

Hey there HIPComix fans,

Gawd sorry I have not updated this blog in AGES. Too many other projects!

If you're new here and haven't heard of H.I.P. Comix before or just haven't been there for awhile for God's sake if you love superheroine bondage comics go visit H.I.P. Comix now! as they continue to update 6 times per week with totally original, kewl artwork and stories.

Meanwhile in yet another project of mine I have made a small post at my new bondage hentai blog mentioning how awesome HIPcomix is. The blog itself (and the sites I promote there) might be of interest to you if you are more interested in Japanese-style bondage hentai, especially the extreme brutal hentai movies that come out of the big Japanese hentai studios.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that at my adult comics and hentai directory there are now a total of FIVE exclusive HIPcomix galleries with samples and words from Sturkwurk, Badaboom, Bukanan / Max Hass, Finister / Robo as well as Morpheus on the top navigation bar. Granted you can see those pics in the HIPComix free area but you can read what some of the artists and storywriters had to say as well.

Posted: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 23:15:59 -0500

Message from Max Hass

Greetings adult comics fans,

Excuse the long delay in blog updates. I have been away from the business for awhile due to personal reasons.

I just received an e-mail from one of the regular HIPcomix storywriters, Max Hass. He has a message for fans of superheroine adult comics, here's what he has to tell you!

"Wanted to let you know that all HIP artists are working on new projects (except for Doug Sturk, who is taking a well deserved break).

I've joined forces with another brilliant HIP artist while Timo works on his new Justice Legion epic. Bukanan and I are up to Chapter 3 of Changing of the Guard: In the Beginning. This is an extension of my Mega*Girl universe. Since I only do Mega*Girl stories with Timo, I created a new series of characters based on her storyline.

'A new Osurum officer has arrived on Earth to stand in for a battered Mega*Girl, who is healing in stasis. No sooner does our new Osurum metahuman set foot on Earth then she faces off against an ancient evil who is attempting to escape a lifetime prison. Along her investigations, our young officer meets an ancient metahuman and teams with her to end the threat posed by their now common enemy.'

We have tons of new free samples posted at HIPComix.

Stop by and take a look when you get the chance!"

Posted: Wed, 06 Aug 2008 01:56:29 -0400

Badaboom comix gallery - special feature at directory

Hey there superheroine comix fans,

There's a new gallery of HIPcomix images at the Comixxxfan directory, featuring some of Badaboom's fine work, with many words from the artist himself about his latest adult comix series 'Allura 6'.

Visit the artist's gallery here and see Badaboom's sexiest creation yet, Allura 6 - in the Comixxxfan spotlight.

Posted: Wed, 05 Mar 2008 04:48:24 -0500

New adult comics and hentai links directory -

Here's an adult comics and hentai links directory you might want to keep your eye on called made by yours truly.

There's not that many links there at the moment, but the featured sites are certainly worth looking at. will receive more site submissions in time and hopefully will become a trusted resource for lovers of erotic art websites.

Currently you can choose links from the following categories: 3d Adult Art, Adult Comics, Perverted Toons, Hentai Anime, BDSM Artworks, Gay and Shemale Hentai, Manga / Doujinshi.

Visit here and visit some cool erotic art sites you never knew existed.

Posted: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 06:42:13 -0500

Doc Robo and Finister Foul's 'Superheroine Squad' epic saga nearing it's epilogue

Hey there adult comix fans,

There's so much to see inside the members' area of H.I.P. Comix, but what keeps HIPcomix members really raving are the truly *epic* superheroine adventure tales, with crazy plot twists and turns (and extremely sexy characters) that leave adult comix fans begging for more. Doc Robo and Finister Foul's 'Superheroine Squad' is such a series with a huge cast of villians and superheroines and a story featuring "elements like mind control, ASFR, heroine fantasy, and adult situations".

Check out some of these fairly recent issue covers featuring the artwork of renowned artist Finister Foul:

For those new to HIPcomix and it's offerings, the 'Superheroine Squad' series is perhaps one of the most revered adult comics series with HIPcomix members in recent memory, who judging by posts on their forums are both thrilled at it's climactic finish and tying up of loose ends and saddened to say goodbye to such a rich (and highly erotic) fantasy world.

Visit HIPcomix here to take a look at the amazing 'Superheroine Squad' series plus many more creative, colorful and sexy adult comics tales.

Posted: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 22:52:34 -0500

Sample thumbs from another talented HIPcomix artist - gorgeous heroines in bondage peril by BUKANAN

Hello adult comix fans!

Another post with sample thumbnails of another artist whose work I recently got permission to use on this site. The artist in question is BUKANAN who some of you may have heard of before. His work is, in a single word, INCREDIBLE.

Here are three thumbnails of Bukanan's artwork for you to gawk over. Awesome stuff!

So incredibly good and this is just a small taste of his portfolio. I call this erotic art at it's finest! Visit HIPcomix here and see the rest of Bukanan's amazing bondage and fantasy erotic art.

Posted: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 17:46:51 -0500

Three recent HIPcomix updates - adult comics issue covers from SturkWurk, BadaBOOM and FinisterFoul

New Year's greetings adult comix fans,

2008 ushers in more great updates from H.I.P. Comix - what else is new? - take a look at these three recent adult comics issue covers:

'The Heroine Chronicles' by SturkWurkALLURA 6 - 'Good Head' by BadaBOOM'Crossing Time' by FinisterFoul

Three different artists and as you can see three distinct and interesting styles.

That's (Doug Sturk) SturkWurk's first issue cover for 'The Heroine Chronicles' on the left. I just recently got permission to use his works so I should have at least a post or two in the near future regarding his VERY interesting drawings and stories. For instance take a look at the issue cover for 'The Heroine Chronicles' above, showing a beautiful nude woman with some type of dagger in her hand, lying on top of a 5-pointed star slab carved with mysterious symbols. For fans of the 'fantasy' genre (who like adult comics as well) that has GOT to pique your interest!

Check out H.I.P. Comix to get a closer look at that drawing or more of SturkWurk's fine stuff, or any of the other artists' works that catch your eye. The HIPcomix free gallery is HUGE and has a wide variety of high-quality, creative erotic artworks for you to enjoy!

Posted: Thu, 3 Jan 2008 22:27:45 -0500

Intriguing darker adult comix series - 'The Gymnast' by Jpeger

Greetings adult comix fan,

If you haven't visited HIPcomix yet here's another little something that might whet your appetite.

The following issue covers are from 'Jpeger' who I believe is also the founder of HIPcomix itself! I plan to ask him some questions about the creation of - sure to be very interesting reading - as well as about this series which has definitely caught my eye. Check out these covers for yourself and see if it piques your interest!

The story titles of the three issues above: "Bait" - "Extraction" - "Extortion".

Darker imagery for sure, both in color and in mood, although the images unfortunately don't appear very well in their compressed state here. Still, I am definitely curious as to the nature of this story. Are you? Visit H.I.P. Comix to examine this series (plus a lot more very cool fantasy erotic 3d artworks and stories!) a little more closely!

Posted: Mon, 24 Dec 2007 02:05:20 -0500

New XXX Comics Series started by BADABOOM - 'ALLURA SIX SPECIAL AGENT' - "Tale of the Disappearing Hookers"

Hello adult comics lovers!

The awesome updates at H.I.P. Comix JUST... DON'T... STOP... COMING! If Doc Robo and Finister Foul's sexy Superheroine Squad series SOMEHOW isn't enough to get your pulse racing, BADABOOM has exploded on to your monitor once again with his weekly Thursday update featuring a brand new series fresh from his perverted and slightly insane mind.

The cover art for this series is so very sexy. What a background for a story! You just KNOW the action in this XXX comics series is gonna be... sultry, sinful and HOT!

Some story background from the artist himself:

'MEMBERS! Introducing a new mind control series, ALLURA SIX SPECIAL AGENT "The tale of the disappearing hookers." Alison O'Hara, alias Allura6, has to dress up as hooker so she can go undercover as a streetwalker under the sleazy red lights of Grimcity. Also introducing Doctor Bendbender and his mind controlled menacing streetwalker babes.'
New XXX Comics Series by BADABOOM - 'ALLURA SIX SPECIAL AGENT' - 'Tale of the Disappearing Hookers'
Start reading this promising XXX comics series by BADABOOM only at H.I.P. Comix!

Posted: Tue, 11 Dec 2007 14:29:27 -0500

Another exciting update to Doc Robo + Finister Foul's "Superheroine Squad" adult comix series

Greeting adult comix fans,

This latest episode, "Night of the Drones - Part Two" in the "Superheroine Squad" epic adult comix series has fans absolutely raving on the H.I.P. Comix forums. If you read my last post on the Superheroine Squad series, you'll know that a mysterious new character emerged at a pivotal point in the long-running story, which seems to be building up to a climactic finish!

Meet 'Omega Woman', who fans describe as "awesome", "a welcome addition to the team", "powerful yet feminine", "sexy" - or examine her character file, available to you now at H.I.P. Comix:

'What has been passed down through the generations as local folklore is how this mighty warrior, the bravest, boldest, and most beloved crimefighter the city has ever known, triumphed countless times over the most heinous and despicable villains of her day. Alongside fellow heroines such as Ms. Metrobay and Valiant Woman she helped to found the Superheroine Squad, and then quietly vanished from the public eye when she was confident that her work was done and the city was in good hands. It is unknown exactly where she disappeared to, but there are rumors that should the need arise for Metrobay's champion to once again save her beloved hometown... Omega Woman will be waiting.''Omega Woman' - character file written by DOC ROBO, illustration by FINISTER FOUL
Read of the exploits of Omega Woman and the rest of the Superheroine Squad only at H.I.P. Comix!

Posted: Tue, 11 Dec 2007 02:25:17 -0500

Writing contributor to the long-running Ms. Midnite/Justice Legion series answers some F.A.Q.'s!

Hey there adult comics lovers,

This post contains a little something from one of H.I.P. Comix storywriters, the one and only MAX HASS who is the writing contributor to the epic Ms. Midnite/Justice Legion adult comix series, drawn by TIMO.

I found what Max said here to be quite interesting and enlightening. In this part of "MAX answers some F.A.Q.'s" post (I'll add the next part later), Max explains in some detail how he originally started his career in adult comics projects, and what tools he uses to help shape and create those wonderful (and sexy) worlds we so enjoy.

I think that while what Max says is interesting to devoted adult comics fans who may want to know a little of what goes on 'behind the scenes', it is of SPECIAL interest to aspiring or established erotic artists/writers. Hear what one of your peers has to say about the process he goes through in helping create an epic universe full of fantastic heroines and villainesses!

Read Part One of "Max Hass answers some F.A.Q.'s" here, then feel free to post on the H.I.P. Comix forums with any feedback you might have for Max, Timo or on the series itself. They'd love to hear from you! And thanks to Max for sharing his thoughts.

Posted: Sat, 8 Dec 2007 19:12:21 -0500

HIPcomix Free Area update - Dumbtime & Finister Foul's 'Freedom Broad'

Hellllllo adult comix fans,

Another great update at H.I.P. Comix occurred just recently featuring a series I've had my eye on a little. The artwork is again by one of my favorite H.I.P. Comix artists, the one and only FINISTER FOUL who just might draw the hottest damn superheroine babes in the world!

Let me introduce you to 'Freedom Broad' who I think wins the award for BEST ASS EVER. Just check that pic to the right. Hummmm... she certainly has a lot of competition with the other amazingly-built superheroines at H.I.P. Comix, but that is one fine booty!'Freedom Broad', story by Dumbtime, artwork by FINISTER FOUL
Cropped sample thumbnail of Dumbtime's 'Freedom Broad', art by Finister Foul - enjoy the full comixxx series inside H.I.P. Comix!

In the latest story update authored by 'DUMBTIME', it seems our Freedom Broad's legendary will has been drained by an evil doctor who seems intent to use her body for his own lecherous purposes. Will Freedom Broad be able to resist the drugs and subliminal messages the doctor is using on her, or will she be forced to obey his every (sexual) command?

Visit H.I.P. Comix to read the latest update of Dumbtime and Finister Foul's excellent and highly erotic comic strip 'Freedom Broad'!

Posted: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 16:44:07 -0500

Pivotal point reached in Doc Robo & Finister Foul's "Superheroine Squad - Twisted Tales" saga

Hello adult comics fans!

For those just being introduced to the incredible worlds created by the artists and writers at Heroines in Peril Comix or H.I.P. Comix, here is a little update that may whet your appetite.

The long-running "Superheroine Squad - Twisted Tales" saga has reached a pivotal point in the series.

Doc Robo, writing contributor to the series, posted this recently on the H.I.P. Comix forums:

"It is the beginning of the end for the Superheroine Squad. No fewer than NINE sexy-as-hell members of Metrobay's elite crimefighting unit have been captured by the evil machine known as Sentius and transformed into mindlessly obedient human robots. These poor souls have been programmed to help their new master gain control of first the city, then perhaps the entire world."Cover from the 'Superheroine Squad - Twisted Tales' adult comics series
The fate of Metrobay rests in the hands of the remaining three superheroines, or... is there another?

A mysterious new character has emerged, however. "Is she a friend of the Superheroine Squad? Maybe she is an agent of APEX Labs? Or, is she something else entirely?"

"Superheroine Squad - Twisted Tales" features the HOTTEST superheroines you will see anywhere on the planet and has a very exciting and fun storyline to boot. What could be better for adult comics fans? Visit H.I.P. Comix to read the entire epic story from start to climactic finish!

Posted: Tue, 4 Dec 2007 17:03:56 -0500

New adult comic with senior highschool girls in super-short skirts getting spanked - 'Spank!' by BADABOOM!

Hello adult comix fans,

First real content post here, and it's slightly old news for die-hard H.I.P. Comix fans but for most adult comics lovers it's fresh and exciting stuff.

One of the somewhat newer artists in the H.I.P. Comix regularly scheduled lineup is a very talented artist and creative storywriter who goes by the name 'BadaBOOM'! When you see the size of the tits he draws on his heroines... you may understand why he got the name he did!

At least, that's the thought that crossed my mind when I saw this image:
Miss Flash Issue 5 - 'Elite Force'

(Not ALL the superheroines he draws have breasts that large!)

Anyways, with some spurring on by a kinky forum poster named Ashley, Badaboom recently added a new hot comic to the H.I.P. Comix free area called 'Spank!' which features a bunch of, well, rather ditsy senior highschool girls with nice asses, big boobs, and very very short skirts. In fact that is why they are heroines, it's because they face much peril from their pervert balding middle-aged headmaster Mr. Badcock and their grumpy old schoolteacher (with a secret short skirt fetish) Miss Sidebottom.

In the story he's created (with help from the aforementioned kinky poster), one of the students somehow FORGOT to wear her thong panties under her skirt. (Groan.......)

Naturally that's a very bad thing to do, and Miss Sidebottom will have none of it. That naughty girl must be punished... but how? Perhaps you too can influence the direction this story takes - Badaboom has posted a poll on the H.I.P. Comix forums - shall she be caned, spanked with a bare hand, or bent over in front of class?
ENTER H.I.P. Comix!
Visit H.I.P. Comix and enjoy a special spanking fetish adult comic 'SPANK!' by BADABOOM

Posted: Tue, 4 Dec 2007 02:06:04 -0500

Intro post of An Unofficial Fan's Blog of Heroines in Peril (Adult) Comix

Hey there adult comix fans,

This little blog is dedicated almost exclusively to a cool adult comix website I found back in March of 2007 called Heroines in Peril Comix, or more well-known to adult comix aficianados as H.I.P. Comix!

I think calling H.I.P. Comix an artists' website with their archived and current collected works - full-blown adult comics series (some stretching back for YEARS), concept drawings, test renders, artists' samples and more - describes the site pretty well. Inside the H.I.P. Comix members' area are over 10,000 totally original and exclusive adult comics images whose common theme is Superheroines in Peril-ous Adult Situations.

These super-stacked super-hot heroines are a really cool and varied bunch each with their own developed character and personality, and their own unique and sexy look. The artists and writers sometimes have them fighting evil villains with mind-control powers and pussy-torturing devices... and the superheroines very often LOSE these fights! Obviously this is going to create some very entertaining and arousing scenes for adult comics fans. ;-)

This blog will have issue covers from recent H.I.P. Comix updates, artists' samples, and hopefully some artists' thoughts behind their stories and characters, and maybe even something of their own personal experiences as erotic 3d artists and writers.

Anyways, most of what I've said here I've already mentioned in the info blurb at the beginning of this blog, but this post is a warmup for me (sound of wheels churning inside head) and a way to get this blog started. Please enjoy your stay here, and I welcome your feedback! E-mail me your thoughts at comixfan (at) 3dadultcomix (dot) com.

Posted: Mon, 3 Dec 2007 15:40:45 -0500

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Sample thumbs from another talented HIPcomix artist - gorgeous heroines in bondage peril by BUKANAN

Three recent HIPcomix updates - adult comics issue covers from SturkWurk, BadaBOOM and FinisterFoul

Intriguing darker adult comix series - 'The Gymnast' by Jpeger

New XXX Comics Series started by BADABOOM - 'ALLURA SIX SPECIAL AGENT' - "Tale of the Disappearing Hookers"

Another exciting update to Doc Robo + Finister Foul's "Superheroine Squad" adult comix series

Writing contributor to the long-running Ms. Midnite/Justice Legion series answers some F.A.Q.;s!

HIPcomix Free Area update - Dumbtime & Finister Foul's 'Freedom Broad'

Pivotal point reached in Doc Robo & Finister Foul's "Superheroine Squad - Twisted Tales" saga

New adult comic with senior highschool girls in super-short skirts getting spanked - 'Spank!' by BADABOOM!

Intro post of An Unofficial Fan's Blog of Heroines in Peril (Adult) Comix

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